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The Influencer Collections

We’re excited to announce, for the first time ever, we’ve joined forces with three plus size influencers to create three capsule collections, exclusive to navabi. We chose to collaborate with Bethany Rutter, the blogger behind Arched Eyebrow and navabi’s social media editor; the popular model and navabi favourite Aglaë Dreyer; and Isabell Decker, stylist and blogger of Dressing Outside the Box. Each has a unique style and take on fashion.

arched eyebrow x navabi

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Meet the influencer

Say hello to Bethany Rutter, aka the fashion force behind blog Arched Eyebrow, freelance journalist, novelist (her first book comes out next year) and host of podcast Hello Friend. And, if you think that’s impressive, those are her extracurricular activities, by day she’s navabi’s social media editor.

Her inspiration for the collection was “the things loitering in the back of my mind that I’ve always wanted to wear but haven’t been able to buy in my size”, and a Pinterest board chock full of Solange Knowles pictures because “she wears colour better than anyone else”.

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